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New Viceroyalty from Independence Policy (Updated: March 09, 2013)

There are 3 ways to turn a town independent:
1) Besiege it with an army
2) Independence Petition done by the mayor
3) The Leader of the Viceroyalty removes the town from the Viceroyalty.

In the 3rd case, it is considered "Not Contested" and may immediately petition for a new Viceroyalty. In the first or second case, one must hold the town for 2 weeks or recieve a letter of "Not Contested" from the neighboring Viceroyalties written by the Monarch (if their Government Style is Monarchy) or from the council (if their Government Style is Republic).

Once this has been reached, the mayor of the independent town must petition the Mages with the following information:

1) Which of the Viceroyalties that are not yet opened that they wish to fall under.
2) The Government Style of the new Viceroyalty
3) Who will be on the transitional council
4) How many Freznics they wish to transfer from the town to the Viceregal Treasury
5) What items (and quantity) they wish to transfer from the town to the Viceregal Treasury
6) Any agreements between original owner of mine and the new Viceroyalty

NOTE: #4-6 is a one time only deal that must be done with the petition.

Once the petition has been submitted, the Mages will review the petition. New Viceroyalties from Independence will be granted the following on approval of the petition:
1) 1 Week Revolt Protection on the Castle
2) 1 Week Corruption Protection on the Castle
3) 1 Week Mine Health Protection
4) 1 Week Health Protection on the University
5) Universities will be stocked with all of the way books plus the following:
- Toning The Body
- Honing the Mind
- How to Win Friends
- Mastering the Art of Juggling
- Forging Basics
- Basic Wood Working
- Underwater Basic Weaving
6) University will be a Level 2
7) The Castle walls will be 7% and the Castle Level will be 1
8) Clerical Happiness for the Viceroyalty will be set at 100% and corruption at 0%
9) The Election/RoS Clock at 30 days


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